Smart Offers announces Integration with Oberlo!

Smart Offers
December 11, 2018 Moon Nguyen 0 Comments

You are using Smart Offers and want to install Oberlo app too (vice versa) but don’t know if these 2 apps can work together. This is a common question of some of our Smart Offers’s users.

Good News!… YES, THEY CAN!

Smart Offers
Smart Offers & Oberlo


Smart Offer App can integrate with Oberlo App! The integration will be done automatically with no need of support. Simply, all you have to do is installing these 2 apps and start using them. We Smartify are using “draft-order” so they can automatically integrate each other without any settings.

So what are the 2 apps about?

About Smart Offers:

Smart Offers

Smart Offers provides offers to customers, motivates them to buy now and save more! This app helps you to create a lot of excitement for your Shopify store by giving gifts, discounts, BOGO events or any sales promotions to your customers.

Link to app:

About Oberlo:

Oberlo is an app that provides you products to sell online. With Oberlo you can easily add many different products to your Shopify store and ship them directly to your customers. This app cares all packaging and shipping issues.

Link to app:

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