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1. Oberlo by Oberlo

If you are thinking of a business idea, or you need a product to sell, Oberlo is a drop shipping app that can help you. With Oberlo, you can find a different kind of products that you add directly to your Shopify store. No worries about packaging or shipping, Oberlo will ship your products straight from your supplier’s warehouse to your customers whenever you receive an order.

2. Klaviyo by Klaviyo

Follow up your customers with Klaviyo! This app will give you powerful email marketing at high speeds. You can easily set up email autoresponders with Klaviyo’s one-click Shopify integration such as email welcome, email asks for feedbacks, announce promotion events, etc.


3. Facebook channel by Shopify

With this app, you will be able to sell products directly on your Facebook Page. Your customer through Facebook can like and share their favorite products with their friends and this will bring to your store more and more traffic.


4. Smart Offers by Smartify

Smart Offers – Shopify free discount app, allows you to create basic offer rules which boost conversions and sales for your shop. The app provides 3 main types of offer: Discount Cart & Buy X for $. After your customers gain the offer, the discount will be done automatically at the checkout page without coding needs. Easy to set up, easy to use and all for free.

5. Product Reviews by Shopify

Product Reviews provides you a feature that you can add customer reviews to your products. Customers will have a better look at your products and are able to leave feedback. This will build a good relationship between you and your customers, increase conversion and encourage sales.


6. Instagram shop by Snapppt

On another big social media channel where you can drive traffic is Instagram. With this app, you can link your Instagram images with your products. It increases sales by making your Instagram feed instantly shoppable. You can easily manage your customers and all the orders on your shop dashboard. Selling will be much easier with only 3 minutes setup.

7. Smart Image SEO by Smartify

Smart Image SEO app allows you to add Alt text automatically into your product images. The setup is fast and the use is super easy. You don’t have to waste time by adding Alt tags in a manual way anymore. Smart Image SEO app brings your product’s images to appear on the top of Google Image Search, which will increase conversion and sales.

8. Printful by Printful

Printful provides print-on-demand designs for bags, mugs, T-shirts and anything else that can be printed. They also have a design team who’ll help you create appealing products. Printful just take orders from your store and will send the finished printed products back to you. You don’t have to manage inventory or print shipping labels. Making sales with Printful is making sales without problems.

9. Kit by Kit CRM

If you’re too busy and have no time to learn marketing, you also don’t have money to hire a marketing expert then use Kit. Kit will be your marketing employee. It helps you find the right customers and drives more sales. With Kit you can manage your Instagram and Facebook ads. Simply create Facebook ads and Kit will run your ads for you!

10. Free Shipping Bar by Hextom

Free Shipping Bar allows you to display your free shipping offer in a slide-out bar, show progressive messages when your customers put more items in their shopping cart and congratulate customers when they got free shipping offers.

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